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Kerr Ventures fuels cybersecurity innovation through education, investment, consulting, and mentoring.

About Kerr Ventures

We provide experienced application security guidance and invest in game-changing cybersecurity startups.

Kerr Ventures is the brainchild of Chris and Deb Romeo, veterans of the cybersecurity industry. After founding Security Journey in 2016 and leading the company to a successful exit in 2022, Chris and Deb are passionate about investing in new ideas and mentoring entrepreneurs and companies. Their wisdom, knowledge, and expertise perfectly positions them to help others advance the field of cybersecurity.

Our Portfolio

Phoenix Security enables security, developers, and business to all talk the same language in order to focus on the vulnerabilities that matter most across cloud, infrastructure, and application security.

Security Journey increases the understanding of basic security concepts across developers and everyone involved to build a security-first mindset that will help you build safer applications more efficiently.

Devici’s platform makes threat modeling accessible and actionable for teams of any size, arming them with the insights and tools to craft software where each line of code stands strong against attacks.

Four ways we help.

Kerr Ventures exists for four primary reasons. How can we advance your business?




We provide free resources via podcasts, webinars, and newsletters.




We provide money, expertise, and advice at every step of the founder's journey.




We bring our wisdom and experience to every company we work with.




We can help your company improve your application security — at any scale.

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