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We help companies improve their application security posture. We assess Security Champion programs, make AppSec program improvement recommendations, and teach threat modeling to developers. We focus on application security, and Chris is a leading voice who has seen it all.



We cheer for the underdog. We look for companies with a great founding team and a great idea that will revolutionize the world of cybersecurity. We look for scrappy founders that get things done with limited resources. We provide money, expertise, and advice at every step of the founder’s journey.



We’ve started successful companies before and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. We build our companies from the ground up and partner with others to join forces on new ideas. We bring our wisdom and experience to every company we work with.

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Experience at Every Scale

Chris has led teams of all sizes to increase application security. This has included user bases from seven to seventy-thousand.


Chris and Deb founded Security Journey in 2016, bootstrapping it to a successful exit in 2022.


When Chris and Deb exited Security Journey, twenty-seven employees served tens of thousands of monthly users.


Prior to founding Security Journey, Chris served as the Chief Security Advocate at Cisco, a multinational corporation of over 70,000 employees.

Advance your firm’s security posture

We provide consulting services for teams of all sizes and for applications with every size user base, whether internal or public-facing. Contact us today to get started.

Fuel your cybersecurity startup

We’re always looking for great teams with incredible ideas to invest in. We will help your startup revolutionize application security for everyone, or just your specific niche.

Expert advice, tailored to you

We have experience at every scale, and we’re here to listen to your needs. We do the work to understand exactly where your business is today so that the advice we provide is both immediately actionable and effective long-term.

Ready to learn more?

Reach out to us about investment, incubating, or consulting. Let’s advance cybersecurity together.

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